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Presenting THE ARK that represent Goods and Service with the best quality, competitive price and on time delivery was founded in August 2014. Continuing the success of projects such requests and see the potential for good business, then we PT. Anugerah Rajawali Kreasindo (THE ARK) started this business. Success of these projects respectively, making the PT. Anugerah Rajawali Kreasindo (THE ARK) more confidence to start a business in the field of printing, general trading and services, Spare Parts and Electrical, Customs consultancy and services. With hard work, commitment and trust from our clients, PT. Anugerah Rajawali Kreasindo (THE ARK) started to participate and cooperate with large companies.

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Realize that we still have a long business trip to be the biggest and reliable, we will continue to run dynamically in the development and progress in order to achieve our dreams and expectations to be the best. We are ready to assist your needs with the support of equipment and experienced human resources. And has been a commitment for us to provide services with high quality of every product we produce. All the equipment, facilities and existing resources aims to fulfill our commitments, which prioritizes customer satisfaction include:


We hope with the filing of this introduction, would be able to give an idea to become a partner and mutual support and continuous.

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